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    The Treatment of Hair Loss "for Women"    

The partial hair loss and baldness in women lead to severe psychological stress. Primarily because women give more sense to their appearance than men. In connection with the fallout of hair, women are starting to lose a sense of self-confidence, getting a lot of negative complexes.

The reasons for the female baldness can be different:

    1. Androgenetical hair-loss - the type of hereditary baldness
    2. Diseases of the thyroid gland
    3. Pregnancy, hormonal stress
    4. Chronic fatigue
    5. Chemical treatment of hair or other injuries

Assign the necessary treatment of women can only specialist triholog after examination and laboratory tests.

If, after diagnosis, you are accepted into the treatment program, you will be drawn up an integrated plan for effective treatment, the result of which will be a healthyer, stronger, better looking hair!

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