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An-Tech Research Lab has been involved in a safe, or a scientific approach as opposed to a solution for baldness. The term "scientific approach" is also used so as not- to disillusion the general public -- we are well aware that there is a claim made almost every month by someone who has created a "miracle cure" for hair growth. An-Tech has no such cure. There are ~ vast number of possible reasons as to why individuals have hair problems and no two conditions are exactly the same. For this reason, we choose not to make any claims regarding "hair growth" or affiliate ourselves with those who do. Although many of our clients are pleased and attest to outstanding results, we choose not to publish these results or make claims ourselves.

Pure, natural, safe, non-toxic products are difficult to find on the commercial market. Unfortunately, the average person is more attracted to "instant" modern hairstyles, without considering possible negative long-term effects. Chemical damage or neglect is bringing about more and more hair disorders than is generally known. Unfortunately there are few people working in this badly needed area.

Our screening process is designed to eliminate possible medical problems, and all our clients suspected to be in this category are referred to their physicians. During the screening, various surveys and questionnaires are utilized for the accumulation of in-house data for statistical studies pertinent to product development.

If we feel that a person cannot benefit from our service, then they are told. It is not commercially to our advantage to encourage those that not qualify. Approximately 44 percent of all inquiries do attend our services.

It is An-Tech's policy that if any client, having taken our service for a period of two weeks, is not personally satisfied, and then all monies paid are refunded.

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