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    The Treatment of Hair Loss    

Scientific research has led to the identification of a number of causes of hair loss, including various problems. They are quite frequent, but not the only cause of hair loss. Other causes of hair loss are many - stress, a bad metabolism (metabolism), hormonal imbalance, the presence of toxins in the body, the deficit or surplus essential trace elements, chemical damage to the hair, skull trauma, radiation, bad gastrointestinal tract, genetic predisposition.

Hair Loss can be the result of a side effect of a number of medications, general anesthesia, spinal injuries, sediments inside follicles products vital cells, etc., etc.

In nature, there is no single "magic" drug that can help all irrespective of the causes of hair loss.
The slogan for An-Tech Laboratories: help comes from understanding the problem!

Before treatment, all patients undergoing preliminary diagnosis, which resulted into solid opinions on the cause of your problems and on its specifics.

In some cases, we can only slow down the process of balding, in some - to stop it completely, and in some-to reverse. Unfortunately, there are situations when nothing can be done.

An-Tech has all the most modern and sophisticated methods of treating baldness (hair-loss).

Since its founding in 1973 the Laboratory haven't recieved any complaints from patients. Such a reputation speaks for itself.

We know what emotional and psychological trauma hair loss can be. The most important thing is that in most cases this problem can be solved, but the longer you put off the solving this problem, the more difficult to deal with it.

A serious and professional approach to the diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp enabled Laboratoriyam An-Tech achieve a leading position in the market for the hair-loss treatment. Professionalism, integrity, and thousands of satisfied patients have build a network of An-Tech Laboratory worldwide.

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