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Our Shampoo was developed using sophisticated ingredients and exotic herbal extracts to completely remove material brought to the surface by Deep Follicle Cleanser. The shampoo uses no harsh additives and rinses completely, leaving no chemical residue and can be used safely on a daily basis.


Deep Follicle Cleanser

A deep cleansing, chelating formula used as a pre-shampoo. Designed to penetrate the scalp, breakdown waste elements and debris that can potentially clog the follicle entrance. Eliminates chlorine and other chemicals found in swimming pool water, and minerals found in both fresh and salt water.



An-Tech specially developed Synergen to close follicles after cleansing. and help control bacteria growth on the scalp between shampoos. Synergen also contains a mild herbal stimulant, which helps to increase local circulation. Designed to be used after shampooing.



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