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Not a month goes by that someone declares that they have found a magic tool or knows the secret formula to help get add more hair. Some of these people have solid medical reputations, but many don't. They increase profits for a few months and then disappear. Sometime later, nobody can even remember the name of "the miracle" drug. This is because the practical results exaggerated, based on the lack of scientific basis and clinical application experience. Sometimes products are created based on the "grandmother" of recipes are not proven effective. You do not have to take such statements seriously, if they are not worth a solid scientific and clinical base.

An-Tech Research Labs is through the multi-clinical studies non surgical treatment of balding.

The first results of the treatment appear in the first two or three weeks. But that's not the growth of new hair. First, you start to lose hair, you have returned to normal scalp condition. This is done through the use bio-stimulators that influence the activity of scalp.

After one and a half to two months of continuous therapy your hair is starting to grow thicker from the foundation, becoming healthier. A thickness of hair, as well as the number of hair helps cover the scalp. All the changes are very noticeable. Through 4 to 5 months after the beginning of treatment the patient can expect growth of new hair.


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