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Currently, it has been possible to hold a primary diagnosis of the state of the hair by mail in the event that you are not a resident of Moscow and the Moscow region. Patients from all over the world send us samples of their hair for further study. Upon receipt of the samples we hold them deep electron to make a conclusion about the general state of health of the patient. The results of our study and, if appropriate, recommendations for the passage of the course of treatment are sent to the patient, after which he may decide to pay for necessary treatment and related products through our web site or by email. Then he alone should be developed for the treatment of an individual program An-Tech Research Laboratories.
Here are the steps needed to undergo diagnosis of the state of hair:

     1. Collect 5-10 hairs from different parts of the head (it is immaterial whether or not washed hair)

     2. Place the hairs in hermetically closing package

     3. Fill out all the necessary forms and then print them

     Personal information>>>

     Estimation of health>>>

     4. Submit all forms of hair samples at:

     Laboratory An-Tech
     PO Box 570805 Tarzana, CA 91357

The cost of diagnosis is $39.95. Currently, in connection with the collection of statistical information, diagnostics for free.

In our experience, the duration of treatment to achieve the best results is not less 7-8 months. Some people are able to achieve the desired result faster, but there are also patients who are advised to continue treatment for some time to be supportive therapy, or at least 1 per month. The cost of treatment depends on its duration and the number of procedures that will be required.

What is important, if you do not have results in 2-3 weeks, the amount spent by you, fully refundable, subject to return all unused products in the form of unopened.

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