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What can you tell about your hair by looking? It may be
oily or dry, curly or straight, blonde or black - but that's
only the beginning. You may be using special shampoos,
cream rinses and conditioners to make your hair look its
best, but there's a lot more than meets the eye when it
comes to hair care. You may be plagued by a hair loss
problem you don't understand.

Since the diameter of hair is measured in microns, it
seems only natural that for it to be fully understood, hair
should be analyzed under a microscope.

Since 1973, our comprehensive approach for dealing
with your hair and scalp problems starts with
microanalysis of your hair using our state-of-the-art
scientific techniques. We analyze nutrition, stress and
other factors to find the real cause of your problem.
Once we determine the problem we recommend a
treatment formulated specifically for you. We know it
works. It worked for others. By detecting these
problems early, there is a greater opportunity to bring
them under control.

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